We create, maintain and optimize websites

We help our clients by creating their online presence through static websites. Agricola consultancy specializes in creating, maintaining and optimizing fast-loading static websites for his clients. We achieve this by the use of our in-house experience and external partners. Our pursuit is to keep our services affordable for a wide variety of clients.


Having a website is an opportunity to make a great first impression. The blending of style and technology we offer, in conjunction with our expertise in static websites enables us to create succeeding web pages of our clients.

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Maintaining a professional website can be a time consuming matter. We use our experience to maintain static websites for an affordable price. This includes posting blogs, adding/removing features and other problem solving matters for our clients.

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Optimize (back-end)

A great functioning website lies within a well sorted and well protected web-server. As well as a protected domain (SSL). We use our extensive experience and knowledge to guide our clients by sorting out all back-end related configurations.

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On this page, we will explain our services regarding to the website industry. For more information regarding pricing, please view our detailed pricing page.


What we do, Create

A website provides a reliable information source to potencial consumers, which helps in setting a business apart from their competitors. Agricola Consultancy specializes in creating fast-rendering high quality websites by the use of our extensive in-house knowledge and our external partners.

  • Static Website
    All of our websites are created on a static bases. A static websites is a cost-effective way to be presentable on the internet, while also rank in a higher (organic) SEO position. Static websites are websites that do not interact with a content management system, and are proven to be 5 times faster than an average dynamic website. In short, a cost-effective online presentation of the business to connect and inform potential customers.
  • Custom made
    Agricola Consultancy only creates fully customised websites and does not use any template whatsoever. We write our code form the ground up to make sure the website is as suitable as possible for our clients.
  • Responsive
    A website has to be representative of all sorts of screen sizes. Our websites are build on a size friendly principale. This means that wheather you visit the website by phone or computer, the website will look representative on every device.
  • Personal advice
    Before we proceed further in the development stage, we need to understand your business and wishes. With our years of experience in creating static websites our consultants are very capable of advising you about any matters regarding to the design, features and over all representation.

Development Process

Want to know more about the development process behind our website services? Please, contact us.

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What we do, Maintain

Agricola Consultancy website experts are specialized in maintaining and repairing static websites to help their customers website thrive. All with the same prosuite: fast, personal service for an affordable price. We serve our clients on three primary areas:

  • Maintenance
    We can provide a dedicated team of experts for website monitoring and maintaining on: technology shifts, design cheanges (for example: color, logo or content changes), avoiding extra costs by hosting providers and improve website speed. To reduce customer loss and improve customer experience.
  • Quick bug fixes
    Websites, and the constantly changing online environment can cause bugs to show up on your website. Whether this is an outdated module, typing/design error or a non-functioning button. Our experts can fix bugs in a matter of seconds.
  • Blog posting
    Posting blogs on a static website can be a hard cause to teckel. We help our clients by posting their blogs in a matter of seconds while also creating a higher SEO-thier for the blog post. Our clients only needs to provide us the content, and we will handle the rest.

What we do, Optimize (back-end)

A well functioning website starts with a suitable hosting plan, protected domain and a correctly structured web-server. This all forms the foundation of a great website. We serve our clients on three primary areas to create a strong foundation:

  • Hosting
    On behalf of our clients, we can sort the best hosting provider for their needs, and help them setup and publish websites in a matter of hours. While also arranging a cost effective deal with the hosting provider.
  • Back-end structure
    A essential part in a fast and reliable website is a well structured and well protected web-server. We help our clients to structure and protect there web-servers for a stable online presence.
  • Domain protection
    Online data is compromised frequently, this also includes domain-data compromising. protecting a clients and their customers data is one of our top priorities. That's why we advise and guide our clients to secure their domain names by using a SSL-certificate.