Social Media

We help clients find real business value from social media, and unburden them to increase maximum service value. We have extensive experience working with organizations across different industries to create high traffic marketing opportunities, tackle the toughest challenge and redefine the way their customers experience our clients brand through social media.


Social media creates a tremendous amount of opportunities to grow brand-recenozation, sales, website visits and online/offline store traffic. We help our clients by creating high quality full scale social media advertisement campaigns with a healthy ROI.

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Social media can also be a very time consuming, and somewhat risky place for brands and business. Agricola Consultancy uses its extensive experience and knowledge to guide our clients into the great opportunities of social media, while shielding off any negative effects and time consuming activities.

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On this page, we will explain our services regarding to the social media industry. For more information regarding pricing, please view our detailed pricing page.


What we do, Marketing

We work with clients to generate, synthesize, evaluate, and fine- tune high-impact social media marketing campaigns. We focus on the facts, relying on a deep understanding of unmet customer needs, and on the competitive social media marketing environment. We serve our clients on four primary areas:

  • High traffic campaigns
    A good social media campaign does not only consists of intelligent and compelling content but also requires a strong marketing strategy, effective communication, and the right mix of content and marketing tactics. Our unique take on social media. Our marketing campaigns deliver significant business impact while fully tailored to our clients situation and needs.
  • Leads
    Generating leads on social media helps businesses to identify people who are interested in their products or services. But more importantly, these leads act as a bridge to the potential customers to make special offers and convert them as loyal customers. With the broad experience and external partners we create healthy leads for our clients through social media advertisements.
  • Facebook
    Facebook marketing creates a huge opportunity, especially for the B2C market. With the extensive targeting opportunities we help our clients target there right market while holding the budgets to the right amount to create a great ROI.
  • Instagram
    The most modern and fastest growing social media marketing opportunities are situated on Instagram. With various audiences, we can create an campaign targeting the right audience for our clients.

What we do, Management

It’s no secret that social media is a source of competitive advantage, business value and overall great opportunities. Although it could also be a place of risks and could be extremely time consuming. There for, Agricola Consultancy can assist their clients in their Social media management aspects. We serve our clients on three primary areas:

  • Strategy
    An effective strategy begins with a thorough assessment of the social media environment, including a comprehensive understanding of the customers and their needs. Building on our experience across industries developing successful strategies, we help clients define a clear vision, determine investment needs for optimal returns, create an plan that works for each unique company, and develop a detailed implementation road map with check points to manage risk.
  • Page management
    In this rapidly changing social environment good- and well thought out content is very important. We help our clients by creating an extensive content-schedule, by the use of our in-house experience.
  • Problem solving
    Social media brings a tremendous amount of opportunities, but also a lot of risk and negative exposure to brands. We help our clients to shield off any negative exposure, and proceed the normal brand identity and association on social media.
  • Risk managment
    We bring an extensive experience (including in highly regulated industries such as pharma/healthcare and financial services) in helping clients protect and defend their corporate and brand reputations in social media. We help clients strike the right balance between opportunities and risk through advising for the optimal use of risk management tools, structures, and processes.