We help companies define the benefits and experiences that make brands relevant, distinctive, and credible to customers, and develop strategies to differentiate brands through superior positioning relative to competitors. This frequently means repositioning established brands to better meet customer needs. Besides the positioning of established brands, we can assist you in creating your business concept.


We work to develop your business idea into a sustainable concept with a distinctive brand and lucid brand architectures. Whether this is a full redevelopment of a already established brand or a new business idea, we, together with you will create a unice and reprenctive brand-concept.

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Developing world-class branding capabilities allows clients to own their brand strategies and brands. The identity of your brand plays a prominent role in achieving this. We work to design a recognizable brand identity. And spread your brand's identity through multiple sources.

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On this page, we will explain our services regarding to the branding industry. For more information regarding pricing, please view our detailed pricing page.


What we do, Concepting

Agricola Consultancy’s branding group combines proven techniques (qualitative as well as quantitative methods) with deep experience (case studies, reference cases) to help clients create distinctive and sustainable concepting plans. We serve our clients on four primary areas:

  • Building a brand from a business plan
    The business plan is our first access point in an extensive concepting plan. We will, together with the client, define a comprehensive concepting plan, from a corporate identity to brand story.
  • Creating the brand promise
    It’s never enough to simply conceive of a great brand. The brand promise must be delivered at all places of contact with the customer, especially online. Our deep understanding of business and the modern multichannel environment allows us to collaborate effectively with our clients in implementing brand strategies and help specify what the organization must do to deliver a consistent brand experience to customers.
  • Optimizing brand architectures
    We serve our clients by creating a system that organizes brands, products and services to help an audience access and relate to the clients brand.
  • Tracking and sustaining impact
    We help clients develop the metrics they need to understand where they started from (relative to peers and/or other industries) and to measure the impact of their efforts.

What we do, Design

It’s no secret that design is a source of competitive advantage and business value. Design is, especially on the online markets an extensive tool to spread brand awareness and create customer loyalty. We serve our clients on three primary areas:

  • Logo
    Logos are a point of identification; they're the symbol that customers use to recognize your brand. Because a good logo is a visual, aesthetically pleasing element, it triggers positive recall about your brand that the name of your company alone might not.
  • Corporate identity
    Establishing a consistent corporate identity ensures that everyone in the organization represents it the same way every time they interact with clients, stakeholders, and potential customers. We work to create a recognizable and suitable corporate identity for our clients.
  • Color scheme
    Color evokes emotion. It has an influence on our perception inspiring responses, subconscious or conscious, in the human brain. And due to its influential and communicative nature, color is perhaps the most powerful tool at a clients brand disposal. We work to create a extensive and well-comindated color scheme.